Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yes I Only Live For The Weekends!!!!!

That is such a true title. Today has been such a hard/busy day. I woke up went to two classes met with a group went and ate lunch, packed for the weekend, (which I will talk about that in a min.) went to the news room to finish my second resume DVD, went and mailed my resume off, and now blogging before class. So yes I was busy, but you may ask what is the hard part about your day? Well it started with a text from my parents and my sisters family saying oh by the way Amber while you are in class we are at the beach having lunch. That is the picture they sent me. How am I suppose to focus when they are having so much fun? Then while I am trying to stay focused on making my DVD Resume I get a phone call from my sister telling me how lucky she is they just bored there Carnival Cruise. I just had to say thanks sis for thanking about me!
But I must say my weekend plans may not be as great as there but mine will be pretty great in my eyes! I will be driving to Fayetteville to stay with one of my best friends tonight. I will be waking up in the morning to go to the ACMA Awards on Dickson Street. After that I will be driving to Eureka Springs to spend the weekend with my wonderful boyfriend Barrett. On Saturday his aunt and uncle are driving in from Oklahoma City and they have a cabin that they are renting on Beaver Lake so they told me and Barrett we can stay with them for a few days, so I am looking forward to that.
Well you are caught up on my day/week. I will write next time about my weekend and the ACMA Awards.
Until I write again, have good week/day.

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