Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh The Fun of Spring Break!!!

I boarded the plane for Spring Break last Monday (4/22). The picture of the plane was in the Dallas Love Field airport where I had an hour layover. I thought it was a pretty Dallas, Texas Day. I had so much fun!!!! I got to my parents late that night and went right to bed. Boy was it fun sleeping in my own bed, I almost forgot what a nice bed felt like.
My parents had my whole spring break planned out. On Tuesday I went car shopping and found out that I want a Kia Sorento after graduation.
On Wednesday my dad is a pastor so he stayed around the church and studied and went to visit people, and me and mom went to Kingwood, Texas. Kingwood is one of my favorite cities around Houston. Its a wonderful town to feel like you are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by woods.
On Thursday, me and mom just went shopping and it was a great mother daughter day!
Then on Friday waking up not knowing what life was going to bring, brought some wonderful things to my life. We went to The Woodlands, Texas (another one of my favorite cities). and we ran into the Dog the Bounty Hunter. This was me in front of his tour bus. It was a wonderful place not only did I get to meet him but I also got to go eat at one of my all time favorite places, The Cheese Cake
Factory! God knew what he was doing when he place that in my life. All and All it was a GREAT Spring Break. I hated getting back on the plane and telling my parents bye. I hate living so far from them it kills me leaving them. I know it is in Gods will and I know he will take care of me. I hope Spring Time is bringing you a time of happens and some time to spend with your family. I hope you are having a wonderful week.
Until I write again,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something I Made In Class!!!!

I thought this was kinda cool!!!!

Its Finally Here!!!!

ITS FINALLY HERE!!!! The time that all colleges students look forward to in the spring semester, SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!! I am sad to say it will be my last spring break, but ready to see what God and the future holds for me. On my spring break I will be going like I said in the past blogs, to visit my parents in Houston. Many of my friends are going to many different places over spring break! I am ready for it to come and end though. I will be really starting the job search as soon as I get back from break and I can't wait to see where that leads me. I am hoping everyone has a fun and happy spring break but most of all a SAFE ONE!!!! Good luck and see you hopfully with a lot to talk about and a ton of pictures in the next few days!

Busy Week

So it has been the week before Spring Break and boy has it been crazy!!! So on the show Take 15 they asked me to be a guest on "The View." I had so much fun! It was a great way to start off the week!
It has also been a very busy week, because I had to big test to take before I go on spring break. I think I did not so hot on the test on Tuesday but today's test I know I made an A and studying sure paid off.
I am hoping after I get back from spring break that will we be refresh and ready to finish the school year. I am hoping to really start the job searching as soon as I get back to Tech.
I cannot wait for spring break. I will be living after my 7:00 class tonight to drive to Spiro, Oklahoma to stay with my sister for a few days. My boyfriend will be driving up on Saturday to be with me for a couple of days and then he will also take me to the airport on Monday. I really can't wait to see my parents. It will be great to spend time with them and to have some fun in the sun!
I hope you are having a great week, and can't wait to blog some about my amazing spring break :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ready for Spring :)

So me and my Sweet-mate decided to go to Mount Nebo yesterday afternoon. Boy was it a pretty day for it. It was my first time to go up there so I was really happy. We ate dinner and took a ton of pictures. It was a great day to get away from school and just have a little break. The weather was ok a bit cold but as you can see it was beautiful. It really shown me and got me thinking about how BIG our God really is. That is just a small part of his creation. 
Then today it was back to doing school work. I got to do an on camera interview with Jessica James. She is with the Arkansas Tech Tennis and it was great to get to know her and the game of tennis.
Well tonight after class I will be going to Eureka Springs to see the boyfriend. I cannot wait. If the weather is good we will be going camping. I have two major test next week so it will be good to get away before I have to start stressing over them. I am sure I will be getting back on to blog during class. So you will hear from me then. Hope you are having a great day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Having A Great Week!!!

Well My week started off going fishing with Barrett on Sunday afternoon!!!! It was a beautiful day to get outside and enjoy the warm weather and sun. We went to the river right out side of Eureka Springs and boy did we have fun. If you know us then you know we did not catch any fish, we just like to go out and try to fish! LOL On Monday I drove back to school an then my week started! I had a speech to give and I also had to anchor. That is me on Tech TV!!! It was my first time to anchor and I really did not think I did that bad. If you ever want to watch Tech TV click on the link to give you the times. I also went and got my Cap and Gown today for my college graduation at Arkansas Tech University and it is hard to believe me Amber Allbritton is graduating college not very many people believed and me and it is feeling real good to prove them all wrong right now! It has not been that bad of a stressful week for me ( I think because I did all the stressing I could handle last week). So its been nice to just enjoy college for once this semester. Well I need to get off of here and take a look at the weather. If you know me or my family you know we are scared of storms so I am hoping it won't get bad tonight!
Have a good evening

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tonight In Class!

Tonight in class we had to make 5 different slides. So I did them over Galveston Island Texas! Where I will be going in 2 weeks!!!! Yay for Spring Break!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So since I got up so early today I am so sleepy now! I have got a lot of things done today including half of my resume tape is shot and starting to be editing (that is what I am taking a break now from). I think the only thing that is getting me through these next few weeks is that Spring Break is just around the corner. I will be going home to my parents house which is in Shepherd, Texas which is on the North side of Houston, Texas. I cannot wait to go and hit the beach at Galveston Island, Texas! That is the picture above.
The rest of my day will be me finishing my resume and cover letter and also making some DVD labels. Then I will be off to take a nice long hot bath and I am hoping to get into bed by 8 or so, so I can be up for a big day of shooting tomorrow! I am just hoping for more then three and a half hours of sleep tonight. I have no clue what my deal is but I just had to much on my mind with school and job stuff I can't seem to eat or sleep anymore. I am hoping it gets better soon.
I hope you have a good evening,

Can't Sleep Why Not Blog???

So school is starting to get really stressful! On top of all that I was sick for 48 hours last week, and I am working on trying to get my resume, and DVD resume completed. Hopefully I will have that all done and ready to start sending out by Friday. I am also hoping with that done I will start getting some sleep at night. When I stress I don't like to eat or sleep much so hear lately I have been getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep, which is starting to wear on me. I am hoping this weekend, where ever I might spend it that I can just be lazy and stay in bed all day Saturday! Sounds pretty good huh?
The picture above was from KFSM Channel 5 in Fort Smith, which I had a chance to go and visit Jessica Brogdon on Tuesday February 23. It was a great learning experience, and I thank her for that.
Barret is back from Cancun and it was great getting to spend some of last weekend with him. We have some great news, he had a job interview with Arvest yesterday. He said it went well, and now we are just waiting to hear from them, but things are looking good.
I had a chance to get a project done while Barrett was in Cancun, and that was finishing up my Family Tree DVD, The Mathews Family. I am looking forward to the day I send them out an start hearing feedback from my family.
I am on camera today for the Wednesday Noon Show for Tech TV, and I am looking really forward to that. I have a meeting with Mr. Caton at 9:00 this morning to go over somethings about my resume and so hopefully everything will be ready to go and so I can send them out on Friday.

Hope You Have A Great Day,