Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So since I got up so early today I am so sleepy now! I have got a lot of things done today including half of my resume tape is shot and starting to be editing (that is what I am taking a break now from). I think the only thing that is getting me through these next few weeks is that Spring Break is just around the corner. I will be going home to my parents house which is in Shepherd, Texas which is on the North side of Houston, Texas. I cannot wait to go and hit the beach at Galveston Island, Texas! That is the picture above.
The rest of my day will be me finishing my resume and cover letter and also making some DVD labels. Then I will be off to take a nice long hot bath and I am hoping to get into bed by 8 or so, so I can be up for a big day of shooting tomorrow! I am just hoping for more then three and a half hours of sleep tonight. I have no clue what my deal is but I just had to much on my mind with school and job stuff I can't seem to eat or sleep anymore. I am hoping it gets better soon.
I hope you have a good evening,

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