Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Having A Great Week!!!

Well My week started off going fishing with Barrett on Sunday afternoon!!!! It was a beautiful day to get outside and enjoy the warm weather and sun. We went to the river right out side of Eureka Springs and boy did we have fun. If you know us then you know we did not catch any fish, we just like to go out and try to fish! LOL On Monday I drove back to school an then my week started! I had a speech to give and I also had to anchor. That is me on Tech TV!!! It was my first time to anchor and I really did not think I did that bad. If you ever want to watch Tech TV click on the link to give you the times. I also went and got my Cap and Gown today for my college graduation at Arkansas Tech University and it is hard to believe me Amber Allbritton is graduating college not very many people believed and me and it is feeling real good to prove them all wrong right now! It has not been that bad of a stressful week for me ( I think because I did all the stressing I could handle last week). So its been nice to just enjoy college for once this semester. Well I need to get off of here and take a look at the weather. If you know me or my family you know we are scared of storms so I am hoping it won't get bad tonight!
Have a good evening

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