Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Crazy Week!!!

It has been one crazy week in the life of Amber. Thursday night (2/4) I drove to Spiro, Oklahoma after class to spend a few days with my family because my sister daughter was in a high school basketball homecoming on Friday night. On Saturday my Parents went back to Houston and I drove to Eureka Springs to spend the rest of the weekend with my boyfriend and his family. On Sunday it was the Super Bowl and was it a party at the Featherstone’s house. It was a lot of fun. I was hoping to leave Monday morning to head back to Tech to start this week of school but little did I know waking up Monday that I would be snowed in and class would be called off at Tech. We had a really great time. We had a snowball fight and got to drive around the beautiful town. Waking up on Tuesday I was thinking the snow would be off the roads and it will be ok to drive back to Russellville but I could not get back car up there road because the ice was making it too hard for a girl like me to drive. So Tuesday one of Barrett’s friends has a Jeep and so he came and picked us up and we had a time playing in the snow with the Jeep. Then today I woke up thinking I will be going back to Tech if it takes everything I got. I did take everything I got to come back! After and hour and a half to clean the snow and ice off my car and four falls I was on the road headed back to Tech. Now seating in the dorm room needing to start preparing for tomorrows class and needing to start looking at what I will be doing and May with my future and finishing up my resume, but I can’t seem to make myself having fun seems way more important to me right now. Guess tomorrow afternoon will be back on the phone calling around trying to find out what the future holds in the life of Amber! Till I write again hope life is treating you well!


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