Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Week in College!!

It has been a crazy week in college! I am just now getting caught up. This past weekend I went to Eureka Springs to spend Valentine's Day with Barrett and I painted for the first time in my life part of a picture, but my suit-mate does a lot of drawings so he helped me with his Valentines Gift (that's the picture shown). I thought we did really good. Since the snow last week I have had to get caught up on video and editing news packages for the Arkansas Tech Bookstore and also getting caught up on test in Dr. Lee Introduction to Telecommunication and Mass Communication Theory classes. I am so thankful that it is Wednesday and that this week is half way over. It has been a very hard week staying focus on college Barrett (my boyfriend) left today for a family vacation in Cancun for a week. So only talking to him for 2 minutes a day will be something to get use to. Hopefully starting tomorrow I will be back working on my resume and trying to find out what I want to do for my future and start focusing more on college rather then other things going on in my life.
Have a great day, until next time!

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