Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Sun is Shining!

Its a new day and waking up this morning I told myself that I am making sure no matter what happens today I will focus on my college work all day! I am happy to say that's what I have been doing all day, and I feel really good staying focus. Boy has it been hard though! As you can see from the picture the sun is shining and it is such a nice day. I have been wishing I was outside but I have a lot of homework and stuff to do for my future that needs to get done. As I said in my last post Barrett is in Cancun with his family so trying to stay focus today has been hard, because he has been texting me every chance he gets letting me know how much fun he is having. So today for school I went back Dr. Lee office to talk to him about this presentation that I am trying to get started on, it is over Uses and Gratificatons. I believe I am more lost after talking to him so I have a friend coming over after class tonight to show much what all he is wanting. I will be taking a trip to Spiro, Oklahoma to see my sister and her family this weekend. I am really looking forward to it. I am hoping while I am there to keep my focus on school and keep working on my presentation. On Tuesday I will be going to Channel 5 in Fort Smith to look around and to see if working in a news station will be right for me after graduation. I never thought my future would be so stressful. On my next blog I will be sure and inform you how Channel 5 went. I am really excited.
Until Next Time, Have A Good Day!

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